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For many of students, attending programs of study at CEM will mean living away from home for the first time. CEM has organised good and comfortable residences for its students within easy walking distance from each of the campuses.

The Institute offers the option of hostel facility to outstation students. There are four hostels, two for boys and two for girls. The boys hostels can accommodate 280 students whereas the girls hostel can provide accommodation to 100 girls. The hostels provide amenities like common room, cable TV, water coolers, geysers and telephone. The students are advised and expected to follow the rules and regulations of the hostels. The upkeep and day to day running of the hostel is managed by the hostel warden and his /her team.

Students have a choice of choosing either a single room or a double room and the rent for each of these differs. The rent for double room occupancy is Rs 6,000/- per month which includes both lodging and boarding.

Initially you will have to pay: Rent for the 6 months’ rent in advance. This has to be sent in advance with the 'Accommodation Request Form'. Accommodation cannot be reserved if the rent is not paid.

A statutory fee of Rs.1000/- towards administrative charges. This is to cover all administrative charges incurred for providing the accommodation to the student.

A refundable deposit of Rs.8,000/-. Is payable by the students at the time of handling over the accommodation keys to the student. The deposit is held to cover any damage that may be caused by the student. At the time of leaving, when the students are finally giving the keys for the accommodation, the condition of the accommodation will be assessed by the Accommodation Officer or a member of the CEM staff. Any costs for damages will be deducted from the deposit.

Additional Charges
Students will have to pay additional for usage of personal electrical gadgets (if required). Any other item should have prior permission and will be charged separately

The Payment includes
Room Rent, Water, Electricity, Maintenance of the premises, Security, Food – Breakfast, lunch and dinner on all the days.

Applying for Accommodation

Acceptance Packs are dispatched, to those students who have been accepted for a program of study at CEM. The Accommodation Request Form enclosed must be filled in fully, in order of preference.

It must then be returned to the Accommodation Office with the Acceptance of Offer Form and a refundable deposit of Rs 10,000 (only for students wishing to stay in CEM Student Residences).

On receipt of the Accommodation Application Form, the Accommodation office will allocate in accordance with your choices and availability. Accommodation is allocated on a first come and first serve basis.